23 Oct 2017

Dear Purchaser,

With our first residents having now moved into their new homes and more houses popping up every day we want to take this opportunity to remind you of the fencing requirements at The Ivy, your obligations as a property owner and the process to take to arrange the install of your boundary fencing.

As per the Design Requirements included in your Contract of Sale for your land:

  • Side and rear boundary fencing is to be 1.8 metres in height above the natural ground level, be capped and constructed with lapped timber palings with exposed posts on both sides.
  • Fencing of the side boundary must begin no closer than 1 metre from the front building line of the dwelling, except where the side boundary forms the rear boundary of an adjoining lot, the fencing is to continue to the front boundary of the property.
  • No Front Fences are permitted.
  • Side wing fencing is to be constructed of the same material and specifications as the side and rear fencing.
  • Side gates must complement the architectural character of the dwelling and must not be higher than 1.8 metres above the natural ground level.
  • Fencing must be constructed within 30 days of the issue of the Occupancy Permit.

As a Land Owner, you and your neighbour have equal responsibility for the dividing fence on your land. For more information, see Fencing law in Victoria.

To obtain the contact details of your neighbour, see The Whittlesea Council Website.

Should all or any of the adjoining land to your property not be Titled and therefore still under the ownership of the Vendor, you can, as per your Contract of Sale, contact your legal representative who in kind can request the details of the future owner through the Vendor’s Solicitor. Please keep in mind this purchaser will be under no obligation to pay their share of the fencing until they have settled their land.

RPM act on behalf of the developers with regards to these matters and are here to help you through this exciting time. Should you require any assistance in relation to your fencing, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0487 888 258 or feel free to Visit us at the Land Sales Office.